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Hampshire Healthy Families is here to help signpost you to trusted resources and websites to help with supporting your teenager.

Teenager’s brains work differently to adult brains. Developing independence and freedom is one of the central parts of being a teenager. Your teenager may be more focused on living for today, having fun, testing boundaries and exploring their identity than they are following rules.

To find out more about the teenage brain please follow the link to see how neuroscience helps us understand teenagers.

Back to School Secondary Leaflet

The past few months have been very different from any other time we’ve known.
For everyone, there have been different circumstances to get used to, and the situation is still changing. For most secondary school pupils, there’s been a long period of home schooling. Returning to school after the summer holidays might feel like quite a big deal or it might be something you’re excited to get back to. However you feel about returning to school, this booklet is designed to give you hints, tips and activities to try so that you move back into school life feeling confident and calm.

These fun activities are focused around the key areas of

·       Routine

·       Relationships

·       Feelings

·       Managing Change

They will be most accessible for young people aged between 11 - 14 years and can be used at home, school or other settings.

View and Download the Back to School Leaflet.

Teenager Health & Wellbeing

It can be tough growing up. Many thousands of young people go through periods of mental ill- health. When this happens, it can be difficult for them to make and keep friends, manage at school and feel good about themselves. It can also be difficult for their families.

Health for Teens offers a great choice of content and quizzes across all areas of your teenager’s health, from sexual health to their feelings, growing up, lifestyle and much more.

Should you or your teenager need urgent health advice please contact your GP or call NHS 111. In an emergency please visit A&E or call 999.

Getting your teenager to talk openly about what's bothering them can be hard. Follow Hampshire county council list of services available to support you and your child.

Hampshire Child and Adolescent mental health services. A service that can provide support to the child and your their family and if someone is experiencing emotional wellbeing or mental health difficulties.

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County Lines Criminal Exploitation of Children

Parents Safe4Me

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Health for Teens. Everything Your Wanted

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The Teenage Brain. How can Neuroscience

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