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Five to Thrive New Baby

What is Five to Thrive?

Everyone wants the best start for their baby. Neuroscience shows us that you can do five simple things with your baby, every day, to nourish their growing brain:

Five to Thrive is a parenting approach developed by Kate Cairns (author & foster parent). The five building blocks help you to understand how everything you do with your baby creates and strengthens connections in their brain.

Brain development is rapid in the first few years of life. By the time your baby is one year old, their brain will have doubled in size and by the age of three it will be almost adult-sized. The brain will never grow and change this fast again. Using the Five to Thrive approach will help your baby to grow into a happy, healthy child who is prepared for life's journey.

For fun activities you can do together with your baby, please click here       

Would you like to find out more about the Five to Thrive approach?

Our Five to Thrive Course is for first time and new parents and carers, or those who have a recommendation from their health visitor, who have babies aged 6 weeks to 6 months.

Over four weeks we will cover the 5 simple things for your baby's optimal brain development.

Sessions will include 'talk time', 'sensory activity' & 'singing time'

Week 1: Respond - Introduction to brain development; responding to your baby;

Week 2: Cuddle/Relax - The importance of touch; treasure baskets; relaxing with baby;

Week 3: Play - Making sense of the world; sensory play;

Week 4: Talk - Language & communication; talking with your baby.

Please use the link below to book onto our Five to Thrive Course:

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If your baby could talk to you, this is what they may say...

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