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Teenage Immunisation FAQs

The HPV vaccination protects against cancers caused by the HPV virus and is offered to boys and girls. The teenage immunisation programme also offers vaccinations protecting against tetanus, diphtheria and polio and Meningococcal strains ACW&Y.

School Age Immunisation team contact details:

South East (Havant, Fareham, Gosport):
South West (Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, Romsey, New Forest):
North East (Aldershot, Farnham, Rushmoor, Hart) & East Hampshire:
North West (Andover, Winchester and Basingstoke):

What vaccines should my child have had already, and how do I know what vaccines I am consenting to?

You can see which vaccinations your child should have had by viewing our  vaccination schedule. For a vaccine guide, please visit the NHS website.  

I don't know what vaccines my child has already had

You can contact the school age immunisation team who can check your child's immunisation history. Please see contact details above. 

What happens if my child misses their vaccinations?

The school age immunisation team will continue to offer vaccinations to all students who miss their vaccinations when they next visit the school.

What if my child is electively home educated?

The school age immunisation teams are contacting parents of children who are home educated and offering an appointment in a community clinic. If you have not heard from your local immunisation team please contact them using the email address at the top of the page.

Is it safe to have lots of vaccines on the same day?

Yes, it is safe for your child to receive multiple vaccines on the same day.

What happens if I cannot access the E Consent form?

If you are having trouble accessing the link on the letter emailed to you, click  here.

What happens if my child does not have their vaccinations before they leave school?

Your GP will be able to offer the vaccinations to your child.

What are the side effects of having the vaccinations?

It is normal for your child to have a sore arm at the injection site, some redness or swelling may be evident, they may also get a headache. These symptoms should normally disappear after a day or two.

Can my child get their vaccinations if I have not completed a consent form?

No, we will need a consent form to be completed before the session. This allows the staff to check your child's immunisation history before they give the vaccines.

Do children still get the BCG vaccination in school?

The BCG vaccination is no longer routinely given to pupils as part of the childhood immunisation programme.

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