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Hampshire HEART

Hampshire HEART (Healthy Eating & Activity Resources for Toddlers)

This workshop is for parents and carers with children aged 2 years and 3 years.

This is a 1 ½ hour workshop for parent and carers with children aged 2 year and 3 years.

Hampshire Heart aims to work with you to gain an understanding of healthy eating and portion sizes, and grow in confidence in cooking from scratch and making meal times a full family activity.

The session will highlight food types with hidden sugar and the importance of your child being active. There will be an opportunity for group discussions and sharing ideas and experience. These conversations could explore new ideas for mealtimes and creative lunchbox ideas.

Babies and young children need plenty of chances to explore the world around them in an active way. This session will also provide examples of everyday activities that will be fun for you and your child.

The workshop covers;

  • Family meal-time and making these a fun shared activity.
  • Nutrition, including a healthy lunch box
  • Portion sizes
  • Being active as a family, getting the whole family up and working together
  • Giving you some resources and ideas to try at home

Joining process

If you are interested in joining a Hampshire HEART session then please use the link below, where you can find more details and book yourself a place.

Book your FREE workshop through Eventbrite

Other links that may be useful are;

Health for under 5s
This site will support with advice and guidance relating to your babies/toddlers healthy development.

You will find lots of support on mealtimes, healthy eating, behaviour and getting active. There are some delicious and easy recipes to try.

NHS Change 4 Life
This will show lots of different recipes to try together and help with shopping. You can also get great ideas on how to be active.

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