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New Baby

Hampshire Healthy Families is here to help signpost you to trusted resources and websites in relation to helping you with your baby.

Having a baby is both an exciting and tough time. This website will support you through your journey of becoming a new parent. It includes lots of supportive information. For example what to look out for with your baby’s health, safer sleep and feeding.

Once your baby reaches 3-4 months they will already have experienced some remarkable changes. Your baby will learn to interact with you and with the world around them as their brain develops, and they develop new skills and responses. Your baby will continue to build emotional attachments to the people who care for them, especially you.

For some parents, this can be an overwhelming and worrying period, particularly if they experienced challenges before and just after birth.

Looking after yourself is very important to both your emotional wellbeing and that of your baby.

Please get in touch with your Public Health Nurse (Health Visitor) if you have any concerns about your emotional health.



ChatHealth 0-5 is a text messaging service set up to support parents, carers and families of under 5’s in Hampshire.

The service is run by local health visitors who have a wealth of experience of working with mums and dads-to-be, babies, toddlers and young children.

For general support and guidance relating to you are your babies emotional health and wellbeing please follow

For new fathers there is a specific website/app that can offer advice and support. There is also an app that can be downloaded for free for those parents with a Hampshire postcode.

The Dad Pad

Please follow these links to other websites that may be beneficial to you:

NHS Baby being a Parent Lullaby Trust

Barnardo's Offer

We offer a 4 week workshop called Five to Thrive which explores your baby’s brain development. To book on to this workshop please go to:

We run Ready Steady Mums groups every week. This is a social buggy or sling walk for parents. It is a great time to get out for a walk and meet other families.
Ready Steady Mums

When you feel ready, there are plenty of parent and baby groups for you to attend in your area. These groups will give you opportunity to meet other parents. Please look at our website for more information.

Health visitors work in teams with community nursery nurses and work closely with other services such as GPs. The link below will help you access clinics in your area and breast feeding support groups: Southern Health NHS

Child Care

At some point you may be going back to work. Go on to this link to find childminders and nurseries. Always look around at least 3 settings, ask lots of questions and check inside and outside of the setting.

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