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Toddler Talk

Would you like to learn new games and activities to play with your child that will help develop their speech and language? 

This 1½hr Toddler Talk Workshop will help you discover how children’s speech and language develops, and will give you different ideas of how you can support your child.

The workshop is available to parents and carers of children aged 2 to 3 years. Your health visitor may have told you at your child’s two year development check about how the ‘Toddler Talk’ session may help.

How do we learn to talk? You will find out the answer and learn how you can support your child's language development and help them learn new words.

The workshop will cover :

·          How does your toddler communicate?

·          Developing attention, listening, and understanding skills;

·          Encouraging talk – chat, play, read;

·          Developing pronunciation;

·          The value of practical activities such as songs and games.

Please use the link below to book onto our Toddler Talk Workshop :

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You may have some questions after the workshop, and we will send you details of how to get more information and support.

Links to useful websites if you can’t attend a session include:

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