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Toddler Talk

Come and learn new games and activities to play with your child that will help develop their speech and language.

‘Toddler talk’ is a group for parents and carers who have a child aged about 2 years who want to develop their child’s speech and language. Your health visitor may have told you at your child’s two year development check about how the ‘Toddler talk’ group may help.

You can join the group by using ‘zoom’ on your computer, tablet or phone. You will be emailed details of how to use zoom and how to join the group. You can book a place on our Eventbrite site.

The Toddler Talk session will last for about one and a half hours. We want you to feel comfortable at the group and you won’t be expected to say anything if you don’t want to. We are here to support you.

A taster of what the session will cover:

There are lots of things that you can do during everyday life to help your child to talk more.

How do we learn to talk? You will find out the answer and learn how you can support your child's language development and learn new words.

Your child learns easily when they are playing. You will learn new games and activities that you can play together and have fun.

If your child still has a dummy and/or still uses a bottle you can get ideas on how to change this and learn how this will help your child to talk more.

Do you sing to your child? Singing is fun and easy to do. It can make you feel better too. You can learn some new songs to sing together.

If your child is learning two or more languages they are lucky. You may have questions and want to find out how you can help them.

You may like some more information after the session so we will send you details of how to get more information.

Links to useful websites if you can’t attend a session include:

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